UE Music Video Project: A Stop-Motion Funk Odyssey with Lettuce!

What do you get when you combine 1) psychedelic cut paper stop-motion animation; 2) the fabulous soundtrack of Mt. Crushmore by Lettuce; and 3) sixty-six 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade students? 

A Stop-Motion Funk Odyssey! Drawing on inspiration from "The Philharmonic Gets Dressed" by Karla Kuskin, Monty Python's incredible Terry Gilliam & his cut paper animation aesthetic, and the rich sounds of Boston's own funk band Lettuce. 

Emily Valenza (Visual Arts teacher at Kingsley & fabulous co-teacher) beautifully scaffolded and led our students in lessons on surrealist landscape, figure assemblage & storyboarding. Our students will be telling the story of the members of Lettuce waking up in a surreal environment, enjoying their (respective) day, and finally traveling to their concert that evening. Emily has been teaching the students how to become experts in using the stop-motion app KomaKoma. Later, I will be helping the students edit this project using the soundtrack of Mt. Crushmore, our own voices, and Garage Band. 

We are finishing our character/landscape assemblage & beginning to capture film this week; we should be able to unveil our final music video in a month!

Thank you for your art and inspiration, Lettuce! We can't wait to share this project with you!

Welcome to Ms. Gamet's Performing Arts Classroom!

Step inside my classroom at Kingsley Montessori School in Back Bay, Boston, MA! 

I offer an integrated music and drama program to elementary students aged K-6, focusing on reinforcing student mastery of foundational musical topics such as music reading fluency, sight reading and aural skills, composition, musical analysis and healthy vocal technique. Our drama projects often culminate in staged interpretations of programmatic music pieces, or sometimes relating to important themes in social justice or multi-cultural folk tales. 

My instruction draws upon National Standards for Music & Drama Educators as well as STEAM Design Thinking Strategies, with responsibilities including:

  • Directing multi grade level Orff instrument and Ukulele chamber ensembles
  • Arranging music for multiple choral and instrumental ensembles
  • Accompanying and instructing three mixed age level choirs
  • Integrating various units with classrooms, aligning with core curriculum projects (e.g. social justice, acoustical sciences, cultural study drama projects)
  • Present units culminating in the production of student created digital multimedia and film projects
  • Leading school-wide initiatives for improving Student Performance experiences
  • Reinforcing student mastery of foundational musical topics such as music reading fluency, sight reading and aural skills, composition, musical analysis and relative pitch fluency.
  • Developing lessons which integrate/align with classroom units
  • Leading classrooms in designing original dramatic or musical presentations
  • Design instruction to best benefit student performance as adhering to benchmarks
  • Leading school concerts and student talent showcases

Take a peek inside my room! We are lucky to be located in the heart of Boston, with all the city's wonderful culture at our doorstep! 

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